Why Marriage Can Go So Very Wrong


Friends and relatives will tell you the same thing; that marriage is hard, that they aren’t really very happily married, and that they really don’t know why their love failed them.

For over 30 years Dr. K has helped couples straighten out the ruined mess their marriage has become. During this time he has figured out that all of these couples could have saved themselves a lot of misery if they had known just four basic things about marriage, and that marriage pretty much always goes wrong in the absence of these four insights.
So why can your marriage go so very wrong? It can go wrong because the crucial insights that you need to know to be happily married are not obvious so you’re not likely to know them. It can go wrong because without these insights you will never be able to figure out the “why is this happening in my marriage” questions which you have to answer before you can really figure out what you need to do to make your marriage better. And marriage can go wrong because most marital self help out there does not consider even one of these four crucial insights.

But the good news is that your marriage doesn’t have to be a mess. If you are getting married you can prevent this. If you are unhappily married you can work it out. And if you are trying it again you can get it right. To beat the odds all you have to do is learn four crucial insights about marriage and how to use them. And you can. Just sign up to insightfulmarriage.com now to receive free informative e-mails and podcasts which you can use to make sure that the light of love never goes out of your life. Or pick up a copy of Dr. K’s book, The Insightful Marriage, to learn the exact same insights which Dr. K has used for years to help his clients. Here you’ll find useful exercises and informative stories which will tell you what your really need to know and do to have happiest marriage ever.